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Eating Out In Goa: What TO Eat and Where to Eat In Goa

Finally you have planned to spend your next vacations at Goa? Are you worried about what to eat in Goa? If that is so then you are having useless worries because Goa is a place, where you get delicious food. Goa is famous especially for its seafood. You can relish the best of seafood in Goa. Wherever you take your accommodation, you can find various shacks on the famous beaches delivering a tempting aroma that makes you try out the versatile snacks at those shacks.

Many people have this myth that Goan cuisine means curry, rice and fish! Although, it is no doubt a basic necessity for every Goan but you do not need to stuff yourself with these three things only. Goa has a lavish platter to serve to its customers that leaves the person satiated. It has many eateries and restaurants where you can find the local cuisine. You can find such local food joints at beaches, old villages, towns and cities. So, you do not have to worry about where to eat in Goa.

You can also have your all time favorite Barista, Caffe Coffee Day, Domino’s and other such fast food joints too. However, it is advisable to go for the proper Goan cuisine that you will not get anywhere else. In the local food too, you have so much of variety that the menu will make you scratch your head to decide what to eat. You can take help of the restaurant or shack staff to find out their specialty.

Non-veg are lip smacking in the local beach shacks. You can find the best prawns here. Along with that you can try other sea delicacies like ladyfish, clams, crabs, lobsters, pomfrets, oysters and mussels in Goa. Try these sea items from local restaurant and you might end up having a heavenly experiences of your life! Goan food uses an exotic blend of spices to provide the very unique taste!

Another thing that is very famous in Goa is “feni”. It is somehow similar to bear, although a bit stronger and bitterer. You should keep a check on the quantity of “feni” because it can make you lose your senses in no time. So, be moderate while trying this local Goan alcoholic drink for the very first time. Additionally, Goa boasts of its desserts and juicy fruits. You can find the best of custard apples and pineapples etc in Goa. Mangoes are also famous here.

You should also give a try to the all those innovative drinks that are made by the locales of Goa. May be you will not get a chance to do so later in your life, until you visit Goa again.

Besides that, you can also have a good variety of cashews in Goa. Most of the tourists do not miss to take a good amount of cashew from this Indian state. So, whenever you visit Goa, do not forget to buy this locale specialty of the state in between having fun at the beautiful beaches! Otherwise, you will regret it later because you cannot get the same quality of cashew easily everywhere.

Come to Goa with a good appetite to enjoy all its flavors.

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