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Safety Instructions in Goa after Sunset

Spending vacations in Goa is a wonderful idea as it is one of the most happening tourist spots in India. So, if you have packed your bags for Goa this time then there is a last minute advice for you. Here are a few safety precautions that you should keep in mind while being in Goa. More importantly, you need to be a little more cautious while moving out in the state after the sunset. Read the following tips carefully to make your Goa trip much more adventurous and safe.

First of all, you should be careful enough while traveling in night in Goa. Although, Goa is famous for its nightlife and you would surely love to enjoy it, you need to be extra vigilant so as to ensure your safety. You should avoid using narrow alleys in the town and also the poorly lit streets. Along with that, avoid walking on foot and try to hire a cab so that at least you have a driver with you. You should also try to take a dip in the waters at night; it could be risky. Also, evade the idea of swimming after you are badly drunk. A lot of cases of natural drowning have been observed since last few years; therefore you should avoid the beaches that are not properly lit, at nighttime.

Whenever you travel at night, do so with a few more travelers because you should not be alone at night in Goa. Especially, if you are a woman traveler then you need to be safe so that any incident does not spoil your stay here. Recently, there have been a lot many cases of eve teasing and sexual assault in Goa, so be cautious. Additionally, do not move out in your swimsuit because Goa is after all a conservative society.

One of the most important things to keep an eye on is that you should not trust any stranger. Goa is also famous for its drug peddling and there are many thugs who would try to persuade you to try their stuff and buy it as well. You should indulge in anything like that. Such activities are more prevalent at night and mostly in the discotheques that represent the nightlife of Goa.

Moreover, you should also take care of your health so that your body illness does not spoil your health. You should try the local cuisine in Goa but while eating out after sunset, make sure that you do not go for just anything. Ensure that the food is hygienic. Similarly, do not drink water from roadside vendor in dark! You should also avoid having cut fruits and salads in the night; they could be having millions of germs. Eat healthy to stay fit and you yourself know your limits of the alcohol intake. Do not over that limit especially at night when you are out of your resort/hotel. Be in your senses to return to your accommodation in a good state. Added to that, you will not be able to drive safe if you are overly drunk.

Follow these simple safety precaution tips and make your stay at Goa much safer at night as well.

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