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Healing Touch of Goa (Ayurveda Medicare)

Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Tourism is the biggest source of revenues for the government of Goa. People from all over the world come here to spend some quality time with their friends and family. Instead of beaches, churches, waterfalls Goa is also famous for its healing touch. You can take several types of Ayurvedic massages here that will help you to stay fit and fine.

About Ayurveda

Basically, the word Ayurveda is a combination of two words that are Ayur and Veda. The word Ayur refers to the life and Veda means the knowledge. Together they form the word Ayurveda that means the science of life. This magical healing technique was originated in India around 5,000 years back and it is one of the oldest medications in the history of medicine. The main aim of Ayurveda is to give three basic benefits to the human beings like prevention of disease, longevity or age reversal and healing illness.

The basic ingredients that are used in Ayurvedic massage in Goa are oil, herbal medicines and several different powders to treat number of diseases and also to give relaxation to the body and the mind. There are five basic therapies in Ayurveda that are used to prevent many diseases:

  • Taste: with the help of Herbs and proper balanced nutrition several diseases can be cured.
  • Touch: the touch therapy includes the yoga, exercise and applying massage.
  • Smell: The aroma therapy is very famous in Ayurveda.
  • Sight: this is referred as a color therapy that includes having a look at the various natural sights, environmental pictures and several different colors.
  • Hearing: it includes music therapy, mantra medication and chanting.

Goa is one of the best places to get the feel of the Ayurveda therapies. Here, you can find several types of Ayurvedic massaged like:

  • Shirodhara: This type of Ayurvedic massage is beneficial for diseases like memory loss, chronic Insomnia, Tension and Headache. This type of massage is an ideal way to start your journey with Ayurveda. In this type of massage an expert will make you lie on a massage wooden table and gently pour the oil on your forehead. This oil is mixed with several natural herbs, milk, and butter.
  • Pizhichil: This is another massage that is beneficial for diseases like sexual weakness, paralysis, arthritis, Hemiplegia, and nervous disorders. This type of massage is very popular in Goa. It is done with the help of the linen strips dipped into lukewarm medicated oil. Two to four therapists will apply oil all over your body in a rhythmic manner and it will last till 45 to 90 minutes. This duration depends on the condition of the disease or as per the advice of doctor.
  • Abhyangm: this type of massage is beneficial for all those people who are suffering from Diabetic Gangrene and dislodging stubborn body fat. This is a classic oil massage where a specific type of oil is used for different types of patients.

All these types of Ayurvedic oil massages are the part of the healing touch of Goa. Here, you can easily found several centers where these types of oil massages are available.

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